Meet the Authors!

Join us for a  conversation with
Authors Mark Muncy & Kari Schultz

Most know Florida as the land of endless sunny beaches, but the Sunshine State is home to numerous eerie legends and mysterious creatures.

The Everglades is home to the elusive Skunk Ape, a strange bipedal creature recognized by its odor. An uncanny doll reputed to have a life of its own greets visitors in a Florida Keys museum. An ancient monster may roam the rivers in the northeast corners of the state, and in South Florida, a man built “America’s Stonehenge” via mysterious means.

Join Mark Muncy and Kari Schultz as they uncover the history behind the state’s creepiest stories and unusual locations.

When: Wednesday, September 6. Doors at 6, Program begins at 6:30
Admission: $5 suggested donation, Museum members admitted free.
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