Learning Center for the Community

As a community resource the Museum gives and gives. Often, one visit is not enough. The Museum offers a Learning Center and the expertise of the staff to teachers who wish to bring their students for hands-on classes in history and social studies. The Museum partners with Northside Christian High School and Elementary School to bring special students to the museum once a month. Students study under a curriculum that engages students in hands-on and problem solving activities. Click here for sample activities.

The Museum opens its doors wide to everyone. In fact, the Museum makes an effort to bring children from all backgrounds to the Learning Center. Children as well as adults with special needs attend our history-art classes.

Summer Camp:

The Museum will partner up with several community outreach programs again this summer.  The Museum is pleased to open its doors this summer to groups of young children to inspire these would-be historians, and junior archaeologists to carry-on the mission of the Museum to the next generation. Last summer, the Museum hosted two days of the Pier Aquarium’s summer camp. Participants learned about the history of the Work Progress Administration (WPA) through the fish paintings of WPA artist A. Burns. Participants enjoyed making fish origami, hunting for shells and learning about the Native Floridians’ use of shells.

Our Community Partners