Founding Families History Project

The St. Petersburg Museum of History is conducting a Founding Families History Project. The purpose of this project is to interview families whose forbearers have lived in St. Petersburg from the late 1800s through to 1940. It is planned to interview representatives from one hundred families regarding how their family first came to St. Petersburg and succeeding events. The histories taken will be recorded, transcribed, and maintained in the Museum Archives. Families from all walks of life are being interviewed. Interviews will be conducted either at the Museum or the interviewee’s home, depending upon the preference of the person volunteering to be interviewed.

The project is expected to result in new information regarding the founding of the city and its development over the years. This information will be made available to local historians as well as the general public as an important resource for future research on the origins, challenges, and progress of St. Petersburg. Selections from the interviews will be published.

A “Tribute to Founding Families” was held February 26, 2009 to honor the families interviewed in early 2009. Family photos were displayed and family representatives were invited to share their stories.

The project is seeking persons interested in being interviewed. Also needed are volunteers to assist with interviews, transcription of interviews, and other tasks. Training will be provided.

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