Spa Beach in the Heart of St. Petersburg, Florida

"Spa Beach in the Heart of St. Petersburg, Florida", distributed by Hartman Litho Sales Company, Largo, Florida, made by Eastern Photo Litho Company, Lowell, Massachusetts , postcard, numbered E-11119. On the back of the card: "Famed for its pure platinum sands, its balmy breezes throughout the winter and the placid waters of the bay, Spa beach in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida, is a popular recreation spot for all ages. Swimming, sun bathing, horseshoe games, beach ball games, and fishing on the nearby Municipal Pier are enjoyed by residents and Winter visitors to St. Petersburg."

ID Number:  93-189-003 AAU - "Spa Beach in the Heart of St. Petersburg, Florida" - Spa & Spa Beach - Book #1

Category:  Postcards

Year:  [194?]

Place:  St. Petersburg, Florida

Cite as: Courtesy St. Petersburg Museum of History Archives, postcard no. 93-189-003 AAU

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