The St. Petersburg Museum of History has shared the stories of the Sunshine City for nearly a century, and thanks to generous donations from the community, the Museum has transformed from a quaint regional facility to a vibrant cultural center for the entire Tampa Bay area.

Please donate today to help share the stories of the Sunshine City for years to come!

What your gift will do

Whether it's to provide free admission for school children, create exciting exhibits or help restore and raise the iconic Webb's City Mermaid, donations from the community help keep history alive in St. Petersburg!

  • Free admission for school tours
  • Artifact restoration
  • Exhibit curation and development
  • Florida history research
  • Building of additional gallery space
  • Special projects such as the Webb's City Mermaid or historic postcard murals

Additional Donation Options

Have you included the Museum of History in your Will or Trust?

Please consider leaving a legacy of support by making a planned gift to the St. Petersburg Museum Of History. Planned gifts allow you to combine your charitable giving goals with your estate and financial planning goals. Your gift will provide lasting benefits through our museum’s education, archival and collections programs.

Your history will continue to be preserved thank s to donations made today and planning for tomorrow.

Here is sample bequest language you can take to your attorney: “I give to the St. Petersburg Historical Society Inc. d.b.a. St. Petersburg Museum of History, whose office address is at 335 Second Avenue NE, St. Petersburg, Florida $___________ or _________% (insert either dollar amount or a percentage) in support of its full mission.”

Your brick donation will pave the future for the St. Petersburg Museum of History! Personalized bricks are a great tribute to honor family, friends, or colleagues, commemorate a special moment, or just show your support for Pinellas County's oldest museum.

Buy a Commemorative Brick
For those who are 70 ½ years of age or older, you can make tax-free IRA distributions of up to $100,000 to a qualified public charity during 2013. The distribution must be made directly to the charity in order to qualify and the check must come from the IRA source. These donations are tax-free and also count toward the donor’s annual required minimum IRA distribution. (Because they are tax-free, they do not count as a charitable deduction from one’s income taxes).
Now it is even easier to donate to your Museum of History. Donations are welcome in the form of securities. If your gift is publicly-traded stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares that you have held for a year of longer, you will receive an additional tax benefit – the IRS allows you to make your transfer to the Museum without recognizing capital gains on the appreciation.
To donate objects to the Museum of History, please complete the form below.

  • If owner is not the person listed above, please enter owners name.
  • If owner is not the person listed above, please enter owners contact number.
  • The objects described above have been given as a gift to the St. Petersburg Museum of History. The owner/agent transfers all rights, absolutely and forever, together with (when applicable) any copyrights therein and the right to hereafter copyright the same. Specific copyright conditions may apply in donations of bound, printed materials for the research library, or in donations or original artworks. Specific conditions, if any, are outlined in the agreement above.

    The gifts are accepted with the understanding that they may be used for research, exhibition, or otherwise disposed of according to the Museum's policies and procedures. If this donation is intended as a tax deduction, it is the responsibility of the owner, not the Museum to establish the value of the gift(s). Copies of any appraisal made should be submitted to the Museum for its records.

  • By entering your name above, you certify that the information contained in the donation form is true to the best of your knowledge.